May 282019

us dollarThis week, markets, in addition to the situation with the US – China trade war, will focus on the publication of US GDP data for the first quarter, the values ​​of the business activity index in the manufacturing sector in China and, of course, inflation indicators from United States.

According to the presented forecasts, it is assumed that the US economy in the first quarter of this year will reduce the growth rate to 3.1% from 3.2% a year earlier. In principle, if the values ​​turn out to be exactly that – it is unlikely to have a negative impact on the local stock market, since investors logically believe that a slowdown in economic growth will force the US government to think about the beginning of lower interest rates, and if the numbers turn out to be better than expected, it will also positive and will stimulate market interest in the shares of US companies.

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Apr 012019

forex from homeTrading in Forex is a great business these days. People trade in Forex in order to make more money apart from their regular income. And the best way to trade in Forex is to get a good Forex broker to help you trade in Forex without any interruptions.

Forex brokers allows you to enjoy hassle free trading. So before you choose a good trading platform for yourself, you must first find a good Forex broker for yourself.

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Mar 162019

mental well-beingOn the off chance that you are a group pioneer, it is conceivable you may have gone over at least one of the accompanying issues:

Colleagues go to gatherings, and on the off chance that they do appear to be deadened or ailing in vitality. This can render meeting completely futile.

You may find that your group experiences difficulty thinking of any new, intriguing, or elective thoughts or arrangements. There might be a genuine absence of basic reasoning in your group.

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Mar 012019

promote businessMaking money on the Internet is what young people are dreaming about today, and not only young people. There are a lot of options for starting an own business on the Internet, but not all of them are saturated, there are many unfulfilled entrepreneurial ideas on the Internet. Now you can sell, buy, change, provide services and work at home. Keep in mind that even the most promising business on the Internet needs promotion.
The Internet marketing is a difficult task, even more labor-intensive than developing a business plan, implementing the idea and creating the business itself.
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Feb 072019

economic riskAlmost any business activity is associated with a certain amount of risk. Risk is an indicator of conditions or events that can lead to losses. It is proportional to the probability of occurrence of this event and the amount of damage that it can cause.

Advanced technologies in modern human living are causing a constant increase of information a person owns and handles, which increases the difficulty in relationships both in the social system and the living environment. At the same time, the processes of globalization, scientific and technological development are accelerating, and world’s resources are growing more and more scarce each year.

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