Nov 052019

bad credit mortgage loanThere is no need to let past credit problems or what may seem like uncontrollable debts get in the way of sorting your financial troubles. Nor does it need to get in the way of applying for a loan in order to ease your financial worries.

If you have been repeatedly been turned down for a loan application because of your poor credit rating?

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May 282019

us dollarThis week, markets, in addition to the situation with the US – China trade war, will focus on the publication of US GDP data for the first quarter, the values ​​of the business activity index in the manufacturing sector in China and, of course, inflation indicators from United States.

According to the presented forecasts, it is assumed that the US economy in the first quarter of this year will reduce the growth rate to 3.1% from 3.2% a year earlier. In principle, if the values ​​turn out to be exactly that – it is unlikely to have a negative impact on the local stock market, since investors logically believe that a slowdown in economic growth will force the US government to think about the beginning of lower interest rates, and if the numbers turn out to be better than expected, it will also positive and will stimulate market interest in the shares of US companies.

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May 112019

get personal loan poor credit scoreThe pressures and demands of the ever increasing cost of living nowadays mean that more and more people are finding themselves in adverse financial situations, usually as a result of debts, large outstanding credit card balances or in the very worst cases, bankruptcy.

Personal loans are a very effective means through which to improve your situation as a ‘debtor’, yet unfortunately, personal loans are often refused to those people who actually need and would benefit from them the most- people in debt. However, many personal loans companies have come to realise and respond to the demand amongst people in bad credit situations for personal loans, and are now making options open to customers with a poorer credit score.

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May 062019

bad credit unsecured personal loansDebt is one of the most commonly occurring problems in our society nowadays, due not only to our ‘consumer’ society but also the general rising costs of everyday living.

More and more people are finding themselves in debt, with outstanding credit card balances and often owing several thousands of pounds to many different companies. This means that to the vast majority people, debt appears to be a major problem that they will never actually be able to solve, and so for many, the only option is to ignore the problem- and so their situation continually gets worse and worse, as interest mounts up, and the debts increase.

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May 052019

viral marketingAs the name implies, the objective of Viral Marketing is to spread a given marketing message (yours!) as widely as possible over the Internet.

Done properly, Viral Marketing can reach a vast audience in a relatively short period of time. It would be of great benefit to have a website from which you sell your product or products.

One of the basic fundamentals of Viral Marketing is the process of giving away something of value for free. Nothing gets consumers’ attention like the opportunity to get something of real value for no outlay. So you need to offer something like an article or a piece of software or a mini-course or perhaps even an ebook to your potential customers.

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