Bad Credit Financing Is Available Today

bad credit loan Due to the recession of 2008, many consumers who once had good credit histories, saw their financial dreams go up in smoke. As a result, many are now facing the very real prospect of trying to acquire personal loans with a bad credit history. But do not fret because there is hope for those hoping to qualify for bad credit financing.
The reason for this is due to the fact that being approved for a loan does not rely only on the credit score. Yes, the credit score of the applicant is important, but it is not the only factor that determines whether or not you are approved or not.
First off, what you have to remember is that all lenders are in the business to make a profit. And since they are looking to make a profit, they want to limit the risks to any loan that they give out. So when you glance at the loan application before you, just remember that the lender is simply trying to limit risk and increase the probability of them earning a profit in return for granting you a bad credit loan.

This all sounds promising to you but you have doubts because the 2008 recession has left you in financial ruin. But what you must understand about bad credit financing has more to do with how well you are able to convince the lender through your application. You must take the time to make sure that the application is filled out completely. An incomplete application will do more harm than your credit score. It also would help that you are a United States (US) citizen, of legal age and that you are employed.
But to get the lender to approve your loan application without a security deposit is dependent upon your employment status. You must convince the lender that you are not only employed but that also that you are in a stable work environment. To do this, you should go to your firm’s human resources (HR) department and have them write a certified letter stating not only that you are employed but also, how long you have been employed in your current position and your annual salary. This helps to put at ease the lender’s fears of your capability to repay the loan.
What you have to realize is that according to US federal regulations; no more than 40% of your income can be held liable for repaying the bad credit loan. So along with the certified letter from the HR department stating not only how long you have been employed but also your annual salary, will only help to strengthen your application and therefore, increases the chances of it being approved.
Now bear in mind, what many with poor credit tend to do is limit them to applying for a loan with a local bank. What they fail to realize that there are many other legitimate options available to them such as; credit unions, savings and loans, and even the accounting department in their workplace, where they can apply and be approved.
Be sure to choose the lender carefully. Some lenders require some type of security deposit or they will not even consider the application. That is the case of traditional lending institutions such as banks. But with credit unions and your place of employment, their requirements are not as stringent as banks and such, will be more likely to approve your loan despite your less than stellar credit profile.
Yes, having poor credit is painful these days, but it is not necessarily the end of your financial hopes and dreams. Search through the numerous options available from banks to even your workplace. Once you have decided upon which is your best option, put your best foot forward, and be prepared to having your application approved.

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