Surviving the economic depression – can you do something?

can you do something Let us say that economic depression may strike you, if not hard, may be in softer tones. In such a case, the first of the things you would think about would be shelter, food and of course, money. Undoubtedly, these are essentials, but are these the “only” things you need to worry about? Hold on to that thought here.

Think about clothes to begin with. In case you are living in cold climate, you need to put some thoughts of yours in the importance of warm clothes. So, do not forget about jackets, blankets, and such important accessories to tackle the cold weather. If you happen to face a lot of rain, then brace yourself and store up some substantial rain attire.

Economic depression may result in chopping off your salary or may be your job/business altogether, but it cannot result in chopping off basic needs. For example, you would need warm water, food, candles, fire etc. You cannot overlook the importance of fire and hence, store adequate amount of matches and lighters is also essential. They come real handy when you want light or some warmth around.

Ever thought about flashlights? Also, since batteries get used up pretty fast, investing on a battery-operated flashlight may not be a good idea, unless you wish to have a good stock of batteries at your place. Instead, you should buy flashlights that you can crank. That will save you lots of trouble and money too.

How about paying some attention at footwear? Getting pair of comfortable shoes would be a good idea because you might want to save up gas expenditure. So you may walk to nearby places for daily chores and save up the cost incurred on fuel and vehicle maintenance. At such times, comfortable shoes are great. Also, if they are durable, you may not need another pair any soon.

Lastly, try to sustain some mode of communication and do not depend entirely on landlines. One good way is a walkie-talkie. This is because you can save up the cost of cell phones or spend extra on them. So, people around can make use of portable devices and save money.

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