Jul 092013

SEOclerksIn the current economic roller coaster, individuals are seeking alternative ways to earn money. Even though the economy may not be prosperous currently, people are seeking a new way to earn or to work. A lot of people would go online with the idea of making an absurd amount of money, and then get discouraged when they never meet their goals. This causes a lot of people to give up because they don’t know how to utilize websites to help them earn an income online.

With many new websites becoming created daily with the promise of earning money, only some actually deliver on that promise. Some of these newly created websites tell you that you can earn a six-figure income in a short amount of time. This is definitely not possible.

Remember, you have to work to earn an income, and it may take months to build up to earning a six figure income, or even a five figure income. That game hasn’t changed yet.

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Jun 282013

major weaknesses of the US economyThe U.S. economy is the best economy in the world, with one of the highest GDP per capita figures. No matter U.S. has the strongest and most powerful economy overall, it now faces many difficult economic problems. Some of these problems are short term and they can be sorted out over time. Over the month, the value of the US dollar provides the deeply important as well as a decreasing to a record low up against the Euro and the 31 years low up against the Canadian dollar.


If we (our government) do not take any serious measures, the U.S. is going to face an economic disaster on the scale few countries have ever experienced. Most people are not aware the easily observable signs of this critical economic situation, they do not know where it originated from and what measures or steps are necessary to prevent it from occurring. U.S. citizens have a superpower mentality in their minds, but this is not true anymore. We are slowly becoming to lose our position as a leading country in lots of aspects of our social, economic and political spheres.

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Apr 152013

The interest rate swap scandal will probably go down in British financial history as one of the more embarrassing moments when bank management let themselves be led by greed rather than smart business.

Like most schemes, the idea seemed great at the time and very profitable. However, society has a long history of tipping the scales when an abuse goes too far. And in the case of the interest rate swaps fiasco, that’s exactly what happened.

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Mar 242013

bad credit loan Due to the recession of 2008, many consumers who once had good credit histories, saw their financial dreams go up in smoke. As a result, many are now facing the very real prospect of trying to acquire personal loans with a bad credit history. But do not fret because there is hope for those hoping to qualify for bad credit financing.
The reason for this is due to the fact that being approved for a loan does not rely only on the credit score. Yes, the credit score of the applicant is important, but it is not the only factor that determines whether or not you are approved or not.
First off, what you have to remember is that all lenders are in the business to make a profit. And since they are looking to make a profit, they want to limit the risks to any loan that they give out. So when you glance at the loan application before you, just remember that the lender is simply trying to limit risk and increase the probability of them earning a profit in return for granting you a bad credit loan.

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Sep 282012

residential construction and development loansThe basic point for people to gain a good status in life is to have four walls and a roof above their head. Residential construction and development loans are just a simple matter that they can incorporate into the plans of building a house, and make sure that they repay the loan amount in due time. The banks and financial institutions providing loans pertaining to residential construction, it has become a veritable minefield for people that want to get loans and scamper away with it. Hence most of the banking institutions have now taken to the introduction of strict documentation for each and every loan that has been sanctioned by them.

For development loans, that has been taken by real estate agents and contractors, the bank has sanctioned a lot of documentation proof in the form of the IRS tax code and various other tax documentation, that can provide a good indication of the capability of that person to pay back the loan. During this economic recession, most of the banks have seen a downfall of people asking for loans, has most of them do not have the capability, or they have either lost their jobs in this environment.

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