Reading Mortgage Investors Testimonials Can Provide Some Helpful Information

mortgage investors testimonialsBeing in business for over 75 years and issuing more than 350,000 loans, you can imagine just how many people’s lives have been changed by Mortgage Investors Corporation, or MIC for short.

Their successful track record may be due to the fact there’s no equity required, income verification, or home appraisal needed to apply for a VA rate reduction through MIC. Applicants with a lower credit score may still receive a low rate through the rate reduction program they provide. Some very satisfied Mortgage Investors Corporation customers from Alabama raved when they stated, “We are very happy about our new loan. Thank you!”- Jimmy and Doris

In other Mortgage Investors testimonials, Phillip and Melinda from Arizona say this about the refinancing company: “This transition was short and convenient. There were no hassles. Thank you!” Sounds like they may have been able to close in as little as 8 days!  Melvin and Robin from the beautiful state of Georgia had quite a similar experience stating “This was a very pleasant and convenient closing!”.

Traveling to the sunny state, Florida, Richard says, “I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to bank and save money with you.”- Richard.  Possibly, Richard was able to receive a reduced rate, making it easier for him to achieve financial freedom.  It’s possible for you to do the exact same thing.  If you do receive a reduced rate, you may be able to pay off other bills or even put more finances toward for that long overdue vacation.

Being a United States Veteran owned and operated a company, the professionals at Mortgage Investors Corporation understand the mindset and struggles that a veteran goes through on a day to day basis.  James from Georgia has said that the MIC “Loan process is excellent for vets.”  As James and others can attest to, Mortgage Investors understands and respects U.S. veterans, making their company a great option to consider when it comes to refinancing VA home loans.

Feel free to visit to read more Mortgage Investors testimonials or give them a call to speak to a specialist right now at 866-659-2477!

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