Yellow Pages Spider Coupon and Review

yellow pages spider If you own any type of business, then Yellow Pages Spider by Touche Software is a must-have for you. It allows you to keep track of your business contacts and investigate potential leads. A tool like this is a must-have for any blossoming business, and can only serve to increase your sales or traffic.

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Yellow Pages Spider uses the software technique of extracting information from websites, by simulating human internet surfing by either embedding a fully-fledged web browser or implementing low-level Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This process is called web harvesting, web scraping or web data extraction. Yellow Pages Spider categories information it finds on the web using a bot or web crawler employing the same technique utilized by most search engines. The software transforms mounds of unstructured web data, mostly found in HTML format, into a central local database or spreadsheet of structured data for your business’s day-to-day use.

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Yellow Pages Spider is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and at least twelve other countries to date. What it does is search the most popular “Yellow Page” type directories and it finds contacts that will be of the most use to you. You have to option to customize your search simply by entering a category and location in your browser, and when you see the first page with the information desired, you click the “Get Data” button to extract the data from these pages typically within seconds. You can filter and customize your search in any way you see fit to achieve results based on your preference and need. With customizable results, it is easy to enjoy the benefits of all the targeted sites.

While using the super easy, user-friendly platform, you can also save results in a handy CSV file for MS Excel or MYSQL (or essentially any type of spreadsheet or database). The spreadsheet will collect the business names, their addresses, phone numbers and emails, all with one click. You will see all results in a list, even before you download the spreadsheet to your desktop or device. With free updates every month, the developers behind Yellow Pages Spider ensure that the product works great every time and is compatible with new website sources as they are available.

Yellow Page Spider even has the unique ability to use proxies in order to protect your identity while it conducts its searches. Because of this, you will never be shown using a bot. A bot is any type non-human traffic, such computer-generated robot traffic. Web scraper programs, like Yellow Pages Spider, are special types of bots created to do the rigid, tedious task of online data collection on a scale too gargantuan for a human being to accomplish alone. Web scrapers also use bots to collect data which would be difficult for a human to access from a website’s HTML. But if you are using Yellow Pages Spider, your IP always stays hidden, so there really is nothing to lose and a whole lot of leads to gain by using this product.

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