Use these techniques on the job interview and get the job you applied for

job interviewPeople often get a chance to get a job interview, but for many it is also the last stop.

If a hiring manager call you for an interview, most probably he/she assumes you deserve the position you applied for, but you must confirm that.

In this article, we will present you 8 things that will help you better represent yourself and leave a great impression.

1. Make a positive first impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Harlan Hogan

When you enter the interview room, the main things you need to keep in mind are: make eye contact, confidently and firmly greet and have a smile on your face. You must also speak fluently and decisively, because your hesitation and vague talk will give a bad picture to people who want to hire you.

2. Do not dominate the conversation

The interview is a dialogue, not a monologue. Whatever you do, do not think that you will impress the hiring manager if you speak a lot and if you dominate the interview. Discover how the employers see the company and what are its goals in the way they conduct the conversation. These things can give the direction of the interview and help you answer the questions.

3. Use the STAR method
When answering questions using this method, you make sure that nothing is left unanswered. Start with the situation (S), then continue with the task (T), talk about the action (A) you have taken – this part should be dominant, and finally finish with the result (R).

This strategy will help you with a lot with the questions asked by the employers in order to get a clearer picture how you solved problems in specific situations.

For example, the hiring manager might ask you how you dealt with a particular situation when you did not have enough time to solve a specific problem. You could describe a situation in which your company was supposed to perform a presentation for a new product, but the person who was supposed to present it stalled in the traffic. You had to find a replacement, but you took the time to ask if the presentation could be scheduled for later time during the day. In the meantime, you have found a replacement, the presentation went well, and the initially planned speaker arrived right in time for questions from the audience.

4. Be transparent about your weaknesses

Interviews usually ask questions about your biggest weaknesses. Do not exaggerate, no one is perfect, so be honest and tell your weaknesses. Their goal is not to see how good you are, but how much you have learned from your mistakes and failures. For example, you may be impatient with colleagues who were not devoted to the work enough, but tell the hiring manager how you managed to solve this and thus leave a good impression. Talk to the hiring manager about the strategies you use to overcome the weaknesses and that it is always a part of your development.

5. Be positive about your previous work experience

By speaking positively about your previous job, you give a message that you are a person who is constantly learning and that a hard working atmosphere has helped you to overcome some problems. If you start to speak negatively and openly criticize your former colleagues, be sure that you will not get the job, because it gives an impression that you do not know how to be discrete or worse, that you have a tendency to complain.

6. Ask wisely

When asked if you have any questions, forget all the typical questions like salaries, vacations and bonuses. These questions will surely be asked by your competition, so be different and better than them. It often happens that this part of the interview is the last, but it does not necessarily mean. If you get a chance to ask a question, use it to stand out from the others. For example, you can ask the hiring manager what you can focus on in the first three months, what are the main goals of the company, what results they expect until the next year, etc.

7. Show passion and energy

Many candidates are either too shy and closed or too busy to express themselves. Show that you have passion and energy for the new job. You can be modest about your good manners, but emphasize that you are excited about the work. A great way to present yourself is by showing enthusiasm, self-confidence, energy and passion for work. A negative and passive person will never get the job.

8. Show your work

It’s not enough to just say what you did or how you did it. You need to show your work, if it is relevant about the job position. Take your portfolio and be ready to present your projects from the past well. This move will greatly increase your chances of getting hired.

Follow these simple yet powerful techniques to make a great impression during the interview and wait for the call for your first working day in the new company.

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