Feb 072019

economic riskAlmost any business activity is associated with a certain amount of risk. Risk is an indicator of conditions or events that can lead to losses. It is proportional to the probability of occurrence of this event and the amount of damage that it can cause.

Advanced technologies in modern human living are causing a constant increase of information a person owns and handles, which increases the difficulty in relationships both in the social system and the living environment. At the same time, the processes of globalization, scientific and technological development are accelerating, and world’s resources are growing more and more scarce each year.

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Dec 102018

job interviewPeople often get a chance to get a job interview, but for many it is also the last stop.

If a hiring manager call you for an interview, most probably he/she assumes you deserve the position you applied for, but you must confirm that.

In this article, we will present you 8 things that will help you better represent yourself and leave a great impression.
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Dec 032018

President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping at G20At the end of the G-20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, the US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks on a trade war between the two countries.

The leaders of United States and China negotiated about two and a half hours, after which the US President Donald Trump went to the airport for a scheduled flight to Washington.

None of the parties made any statements on the outcome of the negotiations, however, there are rumors that a full agreement was reached on all issues.

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Nov 122018

google mountain viewVoters in the city of Mountain View and East Palo Alto, California voted to introduce a new measure that would force large tech companies to pay a tax based on the number of employees. They were all opting to claw back money from the tech giants, which may may mark a turning point in the relationship between cities and the tech companies that bring them both rising prosperity and widening inequality.

The initiative ‘Measure P’ could bring in the cities with a budget of up to 6 million dollars. Funds will be spent on building affordable housing, solving transportation and other issues related to the rising cost of living.

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Nov 072018

middle east crisis Due to new US sanctions, Iran is under economic pressure, but it could have political consequences too because the sanctions are not only affecting Iran but the entire Middle East region.

New US sanctions have affected Iran economy, especially the civilian population. Basic foods are either very expensive or not available.

The only resource available in big quantities and at very affordable price is gasoline.

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